A few of last year's award winning shorts

“The best short film show I’ve ever seen.”

            -Jason Reitman, director

Asbury Short Film Concert


Presented at The Osprey Arts Centre, 107 Water Street, Shelburne

September 10, 2015 at 8:00pm

September 11, 2015 matinee at 2:00pm 

The 2016 Shelburne Film Expo is pleased to present a 2-hour showcase of the world's best short films, including national, international and Oscar Award winners for a night of great short films on the big screen at Shelburne's own Osprey Arts Centre. This celebrated collection is curated each year by founder and Director, Doug LeClaire.

The Asbury Short Film “Concert” combines classic, world-renowned short films with new international festival honorees, creating a rare opportunity for audiences to see world-class short films on the big screen. Academy Award nominated director Jason Reitman (JUNO, Up in the Air, Thank You for Smoking and Young Adult) calls Asbury Shorts: “The best short film show I’ve ever seen.”

The Asbury Short Film Concert has been presented at: The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The Lake Shore Theatre in Chicago, Visions Cinema in Washington, D.C., Summer Stage in Central Park, The Director’s Guild Theater in Manhattan, The AERO Theatre in Santa Monica, CA, the Leminske Theater in Berlin, Germany, and Royal Festival Hall, in London among other prestigious venues.

Founded in 1980, this short film showcase originally took place near Asbury Avenue in Westbury, New York. Programs combined college films with a few US indie shorts. In 1987, Asbury moved to the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. The format and entertainment focus changed as Asbury pursued major international award winning independent films. Celebrity Guest Hosts have included: Peter Gallagher, Bob Balaban, John Avildsen, Harvey Keitel, Matthew Modine, Dylan McDermott, Edie Falco, Olympia Dukakis and Joan Micklin Silver.

For more information about The Asbury Short Film Concert visit: AsburyShortsNYC.com

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September 10, 2016